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Association Manager


Automate the association of records and record labels based for any Object based on a unique ID or other matching value, streamlining your data management and relationships in HubSpot.


  • Create Associations between any Object type
  • Create Associations between the same Object records (HubSpot license dependent)
  • Create Association based on matching values (start, end, contains, exact, does not contain) 
  • Create Association based on Record ID
  • Keep or remove existing Associations
  • Set Association Labels
  • Delete Association Labels

How to Use

  1. Sign up for an Integration Glue Account.
  2. Install the Associate Records Micro App within your HubSpot Portal.
  3. Create a new Workflow or edit an existing Workflow.
  4. Add one of the Associate Records Actions.
  5. Select the Object to Object Association type.
  6. Select the properties on both Objects to match on.
  7. Optionally select an Association label.
  8. Choose to keep or remove existing Associations.


5 Credits Per Update

Up to 100 Credits for Free

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