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Date Calculator


Calculate the days between two date properties, or calculate a date by adding or subtracting a time period to/ from an existing date.


  • Calculate the Days between two dates
  • Add/remove Years, Months and Days to a date
  • Add/remove Hours and Minutes to a date time
  • Add Business Days to a date

How to Use

  1. Sign up for an Integration Glue Account.
  2. Install the Date Calculator Micro App within your HubSpot Portal.
  3. Create a new Workflow or edit an existing Workflow.
  4. Add one of the Date Calculator Actions.
  5. Select the date or date time source property 
  6. Select the property to output the new date/date time.
  7. Enter the years, months, days, hours and minutes to add or subtract from the source date/date time.


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