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Number Calculator


Harness the power of your CRM's numerical properties by creating custom calculations driven by workflows and outputted to designated properties.


  • Build calculations using numerical fields
  • Build calculations using typed numbers
  • Supports +, -, *, /, () operators
  • Use standard HubSpot Workflow filters for granular control over enrolment

How to Use

  1. Sign up for an Integration Glue Account.
  2. Install the Text Formatter Micro App within your HubSpot Portal.
  3. Create a new Workflow or edit an existing Workflow.
  4. Add the Number Calculator Action
  5. Enter a fixed number of select an existing record property. 
  6. Add operators: '+, -, *, /, ( )' to your calculation. 
  7. Select either a Text and/or a Numerical property to set the output of the calculation.


1 Credit Per Update

Up to 100 Credits for Free

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