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Phone Number Formatter


Effortlessly format phone numbers with the correct country code in HubSpot based on Country properties. Seamlessly use SMS and Call services without having to fix unformatted numbers.


  • e.g. will reformat a phone number such as  09 870 1741 to be properly formatted and include the country code, eg: +64 9 870 1741
  • Choose the property with your phone number to format
  • Select the property that determines which Country to use
  • Select a default Country for when there is no Country specified
  • Will format and add the relevant country prefix to ensure the phone number works with all leading calling and SMS providers 

How to Use

  1. Sign up for an Integration Glue Account.
  2. Install the Phone Number Formatter Micro App within your HubSpot Portal.
  3. Create a new Workflow or edit an existing Workflow.
  4. Add the Phone Formatter Action.
  5. Select the property with the Phone Number to format.
  6. Select the Country property to use to set the number format and prefix.
  7. Optionally set a default country where a record country is unknown.


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