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  • Modular integration between platforms

  • Micro applications to solve business problems

  • Automated document generation

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Need integration solutions that can...


Be developed faster

Meeting the needs of the business without having to be built from scratch every time.

Be deployed easily

Realise ROI faster, increase your people’s productivity, with low ongoing maintenance costs.

Deliver more value

Code that works out of the box, and a process that is proven to deliver.

We call it modular Integration.

The Solution

A modular framework

Meeting the needs of the business without having to be built from scratch every time.
Making it stick

Making it Stick with Integration Glue

We recognise that a successful and scalable integration requires an understanding of your business’s internal processes and ways of working.

Pre-built blocks, bespoke solution.

While the one-size-fits-all model will only carry you so far, we can adapt to fit so that you don’t need to bolt on other solutions as your needs and business evolve. 

Pre-built blocks - bespoke solutions
Real people

Real people, not just a platform.

Data engineering is becoming the number one trending job in IT because, despite the promise of drag and drop tools or low code solutions, every business is unique and you need a human to understand and support you.

Expertise you can take to the bank.

Our requirements gathering process leaves no stone unturned. We make sure we understand your needs first so that our delivery time is spent delivering value.

Expertise you can take to the bank

The Problem with
Building from Scratch.


Long build time

They are expensive and take a long time to implement.


They are expensive and take a long time to implement.

Hard to change

And are costly and time-hungry to maintain, change and enhance.

So why not
build without reinventing
the brick?

Integration Glue is a framework to quickly develop custom solutions based on a reusable library of code snippets and documentation, ready to deploy faster, and for less.

The long-term benefits of iPaaS, without being a pain in the proverbial.

As bespoke as a custom build, using the best-practice blocks that we’ve already developed and tested.


Integrations that stick

We handle integrations, transformations and your information across a suite of solutions built for the HubSpot ecosystem.
Modular Integration

Modular Integration

Removes the cost, timings and challenges of custom development, to provide a framework for the rapid design and development of any integration.

The focus is on the syncing platforms, to leverage their existing capabilities, rather than creating an additional platform to manage automation tasks.

The methodology for configuration is also optimised specifically for data sync tasks reducing the complexity and risk for setup, and significantly reducing ongoing costs for maintenance.

Micro Apps

Micro Apps

Micro by name, mighty by nature. We have built apps for the most common HubSpot pain points that we know you have.
  • Standardising phone numbers with country codes so you can actually call from the CRM?
  • Transforming dates into one consistent format so you can actually make use of date properties?
  • Generating and closing deals automatically to capture your recurring revenue?
We’ve solved it all and more!


Is there a doctor in the house? Meet DocMergy, who finally has a cure to be able to populate your documents in the cloud with information synced from your HubSpot CRM.Want to populate proposals, quotes, scoping documents, product pitches automatically? DocMergy does it all.
Unlike most proprietary document solutions, we've built ours to work in the Google Workplace, so there is no unique UI to master. You can manage all your documents the way you already know and trust.


Is there a limit to the number of Micro Apps or integrations I can use? open close
  • You can use as many Micro Apps and Integrations as you want with Integration Glue. The pricing is based on usage only, so you will only be charged for the number of credits you use. 
  • Each integration is built custom and subject to an upfront cost — get in touch with the team to complete a discovery session to go through your unique integration requirements.
How can I determine if an integration or app will work with my systems? open close
  • Most Micro Apps are compatible with the pro version of HubSpot. However, it's always a good idea to check the app's compatibility requirements before installing it on your account.
  • Our team can help with discovery and scoping to ensure any custom integration we build will address your specific business needs and work with your existing systems.
What happens if an integration or Micro App isn't working correctly? open close
  • If you encounter issues with an integration or Micro App, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at or via the chat feature on our website. Our team is here to help you resolve any issues and ensure that your integrations are working correctly.
How long does it take to set up a Micro App? open close
  • The time it takes to set up a Micro App depends on the complexity of the integration and the specific requirements of your business. However, our team is committed to providing a streamlined and efficient setup process to get your Micro App up and running as quickly as possible.
  • In many cases, you can install and configure the Micro App yourself. However, if you require additional support, you can contact a HubSpot professional services company — head to the HubSpot Partner Directory or contact us for additional support. They can assist with the installation and configuration of the Micro App.
Can you help me with custom integration? open close
  • Yes, we offer custom integrations that can be tailored to your business needs. Our team can work with you to get a good understanding of your requirements to create a solution that connects HubSpot to your other business critical systems. 
What level of support do you offer for Micro Apps? open close
  • We offer a range of support options for our Micro Apps, including email support and phone support during business hours — head to our “Contact Us” page for more details.
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Making it Stick with Integration Glue

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