Flexible Credit-Based Pricing

Our credit-based pricing model offers flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness for businesses of all sizes.
Pricing Options

Give yourself some credit

*All prices are in USD.
100 Credits
For small teams looking for simple automated operations.
  • check mark in circle - purpleCan't top up
10,000 Credits
For growing businesses looking to streamline their regular repeatable business processes.
  • check mark in circle - purple$2 per 1,000 additional credits
Most popular
100,000 Credits
For organisations who need automation of data hygiene and integrations to reduce admin and errors.
  • check mark in circle - white$1 per 1,000 additional credits
1,000,000 Credits
For enterprise level organisations requiring large scale automation of business processes, data and integration.
  • check mark in circle - purple$0.50 per 1,000 additional credits

Purchasing credits is a breeze

You won’t need to stress about guessing how many you’ll need, we’ll let you know when you’re approaching your credit limit — making it super easy to top up as you go, or move up to the next tier to keep things running smoothly.
How do credits work?

Credits for each application

Our credit-based pricing model offers a flexible and cost-effective solution for businesses looking to optimise their budget for CRM extensions, data transformations and integrations. Each application is assinged a number of credits per run. This ranges from one credit for simple data cleansing apps to 20+ credits for more complex application processes.
Let's take a look at some examples to give you an idea of
how our credit-based pricing works:

1 Credit

Format Phone Numbers

5 Credits

Generate Dynamic Add Event to Calendar Code

10 Credits

Per Docusign Envelope

100 Credits

Per Document Generated
We charge you based on the number of credits used per month across all your integration glue apps, including custom integrations, document generation, and micro apps. This provides you with complete transparency and control over your budget, as you only pay for what you use each month with the credits you have.

Purchasing credits is simple and hassle-free. We'll let you know when you're approaching your credit limit, making it easy to top up as you go or move up to the next tier to keep things running smoothly.

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Why Credits?

Our credit-based pricing model is a versatile solution that allows you to allocate your resources where you need them most. It also provides a more cost-effective approach than a massive integration that includes features you won't use.


Scale as your business needs grow

Scale as your business needs grow

We understand that as a business, your needs can change from month to month — our credit-based pricing model means you won’t get locked into a rigid fixed plan. This way you can optimise your budget by only paying for what you use each month with the credits you’ve got. And, if you find yourself needing more credits, you have the option to top up your limit before jumping into the next tier. 

Use credits where you need them most

Credits give you the versatility to allocate your resources where you need them most that month. Depending on your requirements, you’ll be able to use your credits for Data Sync, or across any of our micro apps available in the marketplace. 

Use credits where you need them most
A more cost-effective solution

A more cost-effective solution

By only paying for the credits you need each month, you can make the most out of your budget, leading to major cost-savings over time. The cost per credit also goes down as you scale up, so the more you grow, the more you’ll save. Instead of blowing the budget on a massive integration that includes features you won’t need, only pay for the implementations you know you’ll use. 

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Is there a limit to the number of Micro Apps or integrations I can use? open close
  • You can use as many Micro Apps and Integrations as you want with Integration Glue. The pricing is based on usage only, so you will only be charged for the number of credits you use. 
  • Each integration is built custom and subject to an upfront cost — get in touch with the team to complete a discovery session to go through your unique integration requirements.
How can I determine if an integration or app will work with my systems? open close
  • Most Micro Apps are compatible with the pro version of HubSpot. However, it's always a good idea to check the app's compatibility requirements before installing it on your account.
  • Our team can help with discovery and scoping to ensure any custom integration we build will address your specific business needs and work with your existing systems.
What happens if an integration or Micro App isn't working correctly? open close
  • If you encounter issues with an integration or Micro App, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at support@integrationglue.com or via the chat feature on our website. Our team is here to help you resolve any issues and ensure that your integrations are working correctly.
How long does it take to set up a Micro App? open close
  • The time it takes to set up a Micro App depends on the complexity of the integration and the specific requirements of your business. However, our team is committed to providing a streamlined and efficient setup process to get your Micro App up and running as quickly as possible.
  • In many cases, you can install and configure the Micro App yourself. However, if you require additional support, you can contact a HubSpot professional services company — head to the HubSpot Partner Directory or contact us for additional support. They can assist with the installation and configuration of the Micro App.
Can you help me with custom integration? open close
  • Yes, we offer custom integrations that can be tailored to your business needs. Our team can work with you to get a good understanding of your requirements to create a solution that connects HubSpot to your other business critical systems. 
What level of support do you offer for Micro Apps? open close
  • We offer a range of support options for our Micro Apps, including email support and phone support during business hours — head to our “Contact Us” page for more details.
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