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Workflow URL Shortener Actions


With the URL Shortener from Integration Glue, you can automatically generate shortened trackable URLs using Bitly in HubSpot from a Workflow.


  • Generate a shortened URL using Bitly

  • Any Object (Contacts, Companies, Deals, Tickets, Custom Objects)

  • Any errors or issues are logged against HubSpot Workflow

Fully managed within HubSpot Workflows - once installed you do not need to login to any other system to manage your association actions.

When you register for Integration Glue, you will get access to a whole bunch of HubSpot Workflow and Data productivity actions, such as Actions to Clone records (including associated records), get User/Owner information and add to a Property or calculate a date.

Integration Glue pricing is based on utilization, so you can use all of our apps together under a single license and you will only be charged for the total credits you use per month.

Integration Glue does not retain any data or files when using this app; it simply reads and outputs data to your own HubSpot portal.


Generate shortened URL using Bitly

Select the property with the long source URL, and select your output URL property - when the Workflow Action is run the source URL is sent to Bitly, Bitly generates a shortened URL and the shortened URL is added to the designated property on the record

Shortened URLs for SMS & Social Posts

Shortened URLs are great for use in SMS and Social posts where there is limited space, or to create easier to read URLs for use in email and print

Dynamic URLs & tracking in Bitly

You can update the URL in Bitly without having to change other collateral, see full URL tracking stats in Bitly


How to Use

  1. Sign up for an Integration Glue Account.
  2. Install the Workflow URL Shortener Actions Micro App from the HubSpot Marketplace.
  3. Create a new Workflow or edit an existing Workflow.
  4. Add one of the Workflow URL Shortener Actions.
  5. Configure the Action.
  6. Run the Workflow to see your updated data.



Includes 100 credits; Actions use 2 credits each time they run = 50 runs of Custom Actions per month 


Includes 10,000 credits; Actions use 2 credits each time they run = 5,000 runs of Custom Actions per month 


Includes 100,000 credits; Actions use 2 credits each time they run = 50,000 runs of Custom Actions per month 


Includes 1,000,000 credits; Actions use 2 credits each time they run = 500,000 runs of Custom Actions per month 

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